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As a Shiatsu therapist and Hatha Yoga teacher, I firmly believe that these two disciplines, uniting body, mind and spirit, can guide us in our quest for balance while allowing us to develop a full potential that is unique to each person. My holistic approach allows us to perceive the body from a global and integral perspective. 

In my practice, I wish to offer safe and inclusive services based on body awareness, autonomy and non-discrimination. This is why consent and respect for boundaries are central to my approach. It is important for me to offer a space where non-capacitist, non-discriminatory and non-grossophobic resources are made available for all.


LGBTQIA2+ people, sex workers, people living with HIV, survivors and people living with disabilities.



I believe that therapeutic touch can be one of the elements that allow you to (re)connect positively with your body. This is why I chose to practice shiatsu. For me, this discipline offers the possibility to promote contact with oneself while allowing to welcome discomforts and to understand them better in order to facilitate well-being. It is a remarkable tool that has given a deep meaning to my life and that is why I am pleased to share this approach with you. I have a style that brings the power of the work to the body level and the depth to the psycho-corporal level..

Cumulating 535 hours of training in Shiatsu at the Guijek Institute and more than 500 hours of training at the Sivananda School (in India and Quebec), I have developed an expertise in teaching and offering within these related and complementary practices. I am a member of the Fédération des massothérapeutes du Québec (FQM).

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